Social Media Spoof Lets Users Brag About Their Fake Lives

Instasham is a platform with hundreds of stock photos that people can choose from to populate their own stream on the popular photo-sharing app.

If you want to make your Instagram photos more exciting than your actual life, then ‘Instasham‘ is the site for you. Created by Brooklyn-based artists Andy Dao and Stacey Smith, the media arts project and social experiment features hundreds of digital photographs that people can choose from to populate their streams.

Digital photography and social media have amplified our ability to share our lives with the rest of the world. We are a society that brags through megapixels. It is in this insight that we saw an opportunity and Instasham was created.

Image Collection Enables Users To Brag On Instagram

The free collection has high quality images sorted into different categories. There are photos of locations around the globe, luxury cars, designer clothes, beautiful beaches, fun events, and more.

If you find a photograph you want to claim as your own, you can either take a picture of it with your phone or select and save the image, before uploading it to Instagram.