24 Hour Juice ATM Opens In LA

Kreation Juice installs a round-the-clock juicer outside their Beverly Hills location.

Daniela Walker
Daniela Walker on March 20, 2013. @emptyofpocket

The people of Los Angeles seem to like their food from an ATM. Last summer, Sprinkles opened a cupcake-dispensing ATM in Beverly Hills and now Kreation Juicery is following suit, with a healthier option: freshly pressed juices available 24 hours a day from their hole-in-the-wall Juice Machine.


The juice bar opened up its second location in Beverly Hills replete with a Juice ATM. Juices such as “Sassy,” “Active,” “Glow” and “Peaceful” are available at all hours of the night for those who want a revitalizing juice to negate any wrongdoing of the evening.

A juice after a few beers seems a little less appetizing than a cupcake, but perhaps not for the health-conscious Angelenos.

Kreation Juice


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