Rotating Sports Ground Can Change Surfaces For Different Activities [Video]

Rotating Sports Ground Can Change Surfaces For Different Activities [Video]

ProFit Project has designed the first 4D playing field

Yi Chen

Dutch companies Sublean and InnoSportNL contributed to the ProFit project that will see the first 4D sports ground built in Field-Lab Eindhoven, Netherlands. The 4D Sportsground can rotate its surface to support various outdoor sports, including soccer, basketball, and hockey.

The high-tech sports ground is created using a series of panels that fit perfectly together to form flat surfaces. There’s a prismatic machinery operating below the ground level that can rotate the panels to create three distinct surfaces. For example, there could be a grass surface for soccer, a concrete surface for basketball, and a rubber surface for track and field athletics.


According to the ProFit Project’s website:

With the Cablean 4D technology, sports clubs can use every square metre of their grounds. The sports field creates 24/7 usage, also during times the grounds are not used for sports…¬†With this innovative product, sport clubs will get the oppurtunity to create a sustainable business model. They are now able to generate their own revenues in the long-term.

Watch the video below to find out more information about the 4D Sportsground:

ProFit Project

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