Photo Series Shows Classic Food Combinations As Pantone Colors [Pics]

Design creative David Schwen has created an Instagram art project that pairs foods like bacon and eggs or milk and cookies.

Minneapolis-based designer and illustrator David Schwen‘s photo series ‘Pantone Pairings’ features food combinations that go great together. There are bacon and eggs, cake and ice-cream, milk and cookie, strawberries and chocolate, etc.

Pantone Pairings Photo Series Shows Classic Food Combinations [Pics]

The pairings appear next to each other in the Instagram art project. This new spin on the classic Pantone format features samples of each food in a square with the label beneath it.

Schwen’s project has generated a lot of buzz and he is working on producing prints from the series, which will be available soon. Click through to see a selection of the Pantone Pairings:

David Schwen