Sensor Box Monitors Office Conditions To Increase Productivity

These small, connected devices measure temperature, humidity, noise, light, air quality and barometric pressure for rooms.

CubeSensors are small devices that monitor environmental factors that could lead to decreased productivity. They continuously measure temperature, humidity, noise, light, air quality, and barometric pressure for every room.

The wireless cubes stream data to the cloud so it can be accessed from any device, sending notifications about how these factors are affecting people. They can make people feel drowsy at meetings, affect sleep, or interrupt people’s daily routines.

CubeSensors Monitor The Environment And Suggest Changes To Increase Productivity

CubeSensors tell you when to turn on the lights, aerate, and humidify your rooms. They require no installation, and claim to increase productivity by up to 15% by changing the lights and temperature when notified.

You can view the historical trends of environmental changes or a current view that shows the effectiveness of your actions. They can be placed in your office or home to receive accurate and timely information about your indoor environment. CubeSensors are available for pre-order now, and you can reserve two cubes with a base station for $249.