Parisian Hotel Rooms Inspired By The Seven Deadly Sins [Pics]

Vice Versa Hotel has seven floors, each modeled around a different sin including lust, wrath and envy.

The Vice Versa Hotel in Paris has been designed and decorated by Chantal Thomass, inspired by the seven deadly sins. Seven floors each get a different one, and their furnishings, wallpaper and other elements evoke the sin in a original and inventive way.

‘Gluttony’ rooms look like a teahouse, with small teapots as lamps suspended above the bed, cushions shaped like macaroons, tea boxes, sweets, and porcelain platers. ‘Greed’ rooms are filled with bank notes of different currencies, have cubes with small locks on the bedside tables, and keys drawn on large cabinets to remind guests of safes and treasure.

Parisian Hotel Rooms Inspired By The Seven Deadly Sins [Pics]

‘Wrath’ rooms are red and black, with lightning on the cabinets and guns on the carpet, evoking anger and the dark side. Inside the deep blue and gold ‘Pride’ rooms are statues and marble columns, and they are styled like majestic palaces to flatter the ego.

Parisian Hotel Rooms Inspired By The Seven Deadly Sins [Pics]

‘Envy’ rooms are for shopping addicts, with Parisian fashion accessories to make them jealous, including jewelry, shoes, carpets with LED lights, and bedsides evoking a famous perfume. Time stops in the ‘Laziness’ rooms, with a blue sky ceiling, butterflies and flowers for a peaceful, rural setting that promotes relaxation and daydreaming.

‘Lust’ rooms are pink and black with suggestive female silhouettes on the walls, lace bodices on the carpet, a headboard with delicate lace pattern, and a heart-shaped sink all evoking sensuality. Click through to see images of the Vice Versa Hotel rooms:

Vice Versa Hotel