Modular Housing Made Of Upcycled Shipping Containers

Modular Housing Made Of Upcycled Shipping Containers

The WFH House by Arcgency is a prefabricated housing system that can be configured for different purposes.

Emma Hutchings

Shipping container houses and hotels have been popping up everywhere lately, but beyond being eco-friendly and modular, their design aesthetic is often lacking. The WFH House by Danish architecture firm Arcgency uses shipping containers as the building’s structural framework but cleverly covers them to make the house look more traditional.

An online system allows clients to customize the house in terms of its layout, size, facade, interior, etc. Building components are then prefabricated to limit on-site construction.

Modular House Upcycles Shipping Containers For Its Structural Framework

Gizmag notes that the multi-level house, which is almost 2,000 sq. ft., features two rows of upcycled shipping containers, with the interior walls lined with 13.8 inch thick insulation and the exterior covered in a bamboo facade.

The structure can be adapted to local challenges such as climatic change, flooding or earthquakes. Its sloping green roof is optimized for rainwater harvesting, which is then used for toilet flushing, washing, and cleaning. Click through to see images of the WFH House:

WFH House

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