Sponge-Like Keyboard Is Mixer And Instrument In One [Video]

Sponge-Like Keyboard Is Mixer And Instrument In One [Video]

ROLI reveals the Seaboard GRAND at this year's SXSW event.

Yi Chen

Tech startup ROLI recently revealed the Seaboard GRAND, which will revolutionize the way electronic music is created. The instrument looks like a keyboard, and combines a standard piano with a digital controller.

The Seaboard GRAND includes “keys” that are soft and made from a sponge-like material. The company aims to “bridge the gap between acoustic and digital music” where the instrument produces different pitch, volume, and timbre depending on where the musician places his/her fingertips.


ROLI unveiled the product at this year’s SXSW event and will be taking pre-order in April. The company will only produce 88 Seaboards, where each one will be hand-assembled in its East London studio. Every Seaboard will be marked with an individual note, from A0 to C8.

Watch the video below to see the unique instrument in action.


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