Tall-Boy Fold Out Into Table & Chairs

The Quad Micro Bar is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can reveal one to four seats from within the central table.

The Quad Micro Bar (QMB) looks like a small wooden table, but can fold out to reveal up to four stools. This creates a social seating experience for eating, drinking, and chatting with friends.

Space-Saving Seating Folds Out From Small Table

The multi-functional piece of furniture is a great solution for a tight space or easily portable for an outdoor event. It was designed by Joe Warren as a seating solution that offers the opportunity for social interaction.

Space-Saving Seating Folds Out From Small Table

The bar/chair hybrid features a table and places to sit packed into a unified component. QMB, which was made using local resources, materials, and technology, gives the user more options by providing seating on demand that doesn’t take up extra space when the chairs are not in use.

Space-Saving Seating Folds Out From Small Table

You can fold out one to four stools so if you don’t need them all you only need to set up what is required. The QMB is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where you can get a limited edition signed and numbered piece for a pledge of $700. Check out the campaign video below to learn more:

Quad Micro Bar