Toyota Creates A Family Tree Featuring All The Cars It Has Ever Made

75 years of vehicle models featured in one interactive online chart.

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, Toyota has created an interactive timeline that features all the car models it has ever made. The timeline is presented like a family tree, where it begins with the “Toyoda 1936 Model AA” sedan. The 6-cylinder engine was originally sold for 3,350 yen, or around $16,000 in today’s US dollars.


The online chart allows you to sort and search for cars by year, model, and type. You can see an image of all the cars, and even click through for more photos and specifications, such as the grade, dimensions, engine, weight, and even the origin of the car name.


The sheer information of the timeline is sometimes mind-boggling and can be overwhelming at times. It’s certainly a great digital tool for car-enthusiasts and Toyota fans and consumers to discover the roots of Toyota car models.

Toyota Family Tree: 75 Years