Travel Site Gets Best Deal If It Can Choose The Destination

‘GetGoing’ finds flights with large discounts if you allow the site to pick where you go on vacation.

Travel site GetGoing offers to find flexible travelers the best possible vacation deal, with up to 40% off airfare, if you let it choose the destination for you. It’s a great idea if you know when you’d like to go on vacation and the type of vacation you want, but are open to specific location.

Travel Site Gives Customers Best Deal If It Can Choose Their Destination

GetGoing allows customers to search by specific destinations and the type of trip they want to go on. It then searches hundreds of destinations (taking into account the season, length of trip, and more) to discover the best deals for each traveler.

Travel Site Gives Customers Best Deal If It Can Choose Their Destination


The traveler then selects two ideal destinations from a range of discounted options, choosing specific dates and flight times. It also lets them compare prices with other travel sites in real-time. GetGoing then decides which of the two selected trips they’ll go on, books the trip, and instantly shows the traveler their final itinerary. Alek Vernitsky, co-founder and CEO of GetGoing, said:

Nearly one in five seats on all flights worldwide are empty, and we view that as a huge opportunity for more people to get out and see the world. So we decided to help flexible leisure travelers get great deals on these open seats by proving that they are actually traveling for leisure. Our Pick Two, Get One system also provides a new incremental revenue stream – verified leisure travelers – for airlines, while ensuring that existing revenue from business travelers and less flexible leisure travelers is not disrupted.