Vineyard Creates Pen Filled With Wine Instead Of Ink [Video]

Vineyard Creates Pen Filled With Wine Instead Of Ink [Video]

Casa Mariol wanted to promote its fine wine to businesses so they shipped writing implements filled with their product.

Emma Hutchings

Casa Mariol is a family owned winery in Poland that wanted to promote its fine wine as a business gift. To attract potential business partners, Casa Mariol shipped them pens rather than bottles of wine.

These pens were filled with a special ink based on the winery’s best Cabernet Sauvignon instead of ink. Casa Mariol believes that wine itself has a special bonding quality and can create strong business relationships.

Winery Sends Potential Clients A Pen Filled With Cabernet Sauvignon [Video]

They spent a lot of time experimenting until the wine reached a consistency that meant it was visible and could be used to write like a regular pen. The pens were sent to their potential business partners as part of a specially-designed mailing along with an order form.

The receiver could immediately use the pen to fill out the order form. This was a complete closed circle for Casa Mariol that promoted the product in an innovative and useful way. Check out the video below to see the ‘wine ink’ pen:

Casa Mariol

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