Virtual Mask Turns Users’ Face Into Someone Else In Real-Time

Yahoo Japan’s ‘Face Stealer’ app can take the facial features of any image and overlay them onto your own.

Yahoo Japan has created a free app that creates a virtual mask for the user by taking the facial features of any image and superimposing them onto your own in real-time. ‘Face Stealer‘ maps your expressions and head movement, enabling you to see what it would be like as someone else.

Users can search for images, use the app’s default masks, or capture a photo of a friend, then put their face in front of the iPhone or iPad’s front camera. The app can generate a mask from a photo of any face, such as a celebrity, animal, comic character, and show it superimposed on a live video of you.

Virtual Mask Turns Your Face Into Someone Else In Real-Time

The eyes, mouth, and outline in the photo are automatically detected, and it tracks facial feature points, capturing their movements.

‘Face Stealer’ then lets you take photos of your transformations and send them via email or share them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You can check out DigInfo‘s video of the app below:

Face Stealer