Volvo Cars Will Now Automatically Brake For Cyclists

Longtime pioneers of automotive safety, Volvo hopes to now reduce cycling deaths.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on March 5, 2013. @DavePinter

It gets harder to predict what safety issue Volvo will obsess about next. They seem to have already covered every vehicle protection and crash survival engineering challenge that exists. Or did they?

At the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, the brand staged a surprise debut of a new collision avoidance system specially developed to safeguard cyclists, the first of its kind in the world. Volvo’s research of accident data in Europe revealed that 50 percent of cyclists killed were the result of collisions with cars.

volvo_cyclist_autobrake_1 volvo_cyclist_autobrake_3

Their new system which will be available on a wide range of Volvo models in mid-2013 uses radar and cameras to keep an eye on not only cyclists but pedestrians who might stray in front of the car. The system is programmed to tell the difference between the two and will apply full braking if a collision is imminent.



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