3D Printer Creates Models Of The Music It Plays [Video]

A unique combination of music and ink brings these pieces to life.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on April 25, 2013. @greenidealism

A 3D printer has been hacked to play music from Beethoven and Mozart, along with other classical composers. Not only can the device play these tracks – it can also print out a physical representation of them.


The stepper motors that control movement can be run at different speeds, and it’s this speed that determines the pitch of a sound, resulting in the creation of music. There are three motors, each representing a different track. One of which does most of the work, while the other two are responsible for the height of what’s being printed. The sounds generated from the motors are also amplified using a microphone to create the desired effect.


Rickard Dahlstrand was the hacker in question at Music Hack Day 2013 in Stockholm.

Here’s the hybrid printer in action:

Rickard Dahlstrand

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