Skincare Brand Imagines The Future Of Spa Treatments [Video]

Skincare Brand Imagines The Future Of Spa Treatments [Video]

Aēsop commissioned Lucy McCrae to create a short film which artfully suggests that super-sensory procedures will be the way to pamper.

Emma Hutchings

Artist Lucy McRae, who has explored swallowable perfume and genetic manipulation, was commissioned by the Australian skincare brand Aēsop to create a short film for its website relaunch. Morphē artfully suggests a future of super-sensory beauty treatments that pair indulgence with a laboratory sensibility.

Lucy McRae’s Futuristic Vision Of Beauty Treatments For Aēsop [Video]

For the film, an old Amsterdam church was transformed into a meticulously ordered space that references Aēsop’s laboratory. A scientist is seen employing an assortment of gels, liquids, and weird contraptions to minister arcane beauty treatments to a sleeping woman.

Morphē was inspired by the nineteenth-century scientist Hermann von Helmholtz, who wrote that “Everything is an event on the skin.” McRae suggests a journey inside a world beyond skin care, which involves farther realms of perception within the sensory landscape of the human body. You can watch the short film below:

Lucy McRae