AIDS PSA Sends Fake Texts From Date’s Previous Partners [Video]

New York has the highest reported incidence of the disease in the U.S. so Red devised a way to remind people to practice safe sex.

New York has the highest incidence of reported AIDS cases in the United States. To raise awareness of this issue, not-for-profit international organization Red Hot, which is dedicated to fighting AIDS through pop culture, wanted to create a new way to remind New Yorkers to practice safe sex.

They used an actress as bait and sent her into a bar to chat to guys and get their phone number. The men were then sent a series of fictional text messages from the woman’s previous partners.

Clever PSA Embeds Safe Sex Reminder In Stream Of Fictional Texts [Video]

The final message was a reminder to practice safe sex: ‘Don’t get more than their number. Protect yourself.’ This was then followed by the Red Hot organization logo and a link to their website, revealing to the recipient that they were part of a clever campaign. You can check out the ‘Spreading the word, not the disease’ PSA below: