AIDS PSA Sends Fake Texts From Date’s Previous Partners [Video]

AIDS PSA Sends Fake Texts From Date’s Previous Partners [Video]

New York has the highest reported incidence of the disease in the U.S. so Red devised a way to remind people to practice safe sex.

Emma Hutchings

New York has the highest incidence of reported AIDS cases in the United States. To raise awareness of this issue, not-for-profit international organization Red Hot, which is dedicated to fighting AIDS through pop culture, wanted to create a new way to remind New Yorkers to practice safe sex.

They used an actress as bait and sent her into a bar to chat to guys and get their phone number. The men were then sent a series of fictional text messages from the woman’s previous partners.

Clever PSA Embeds Safe Sex Reminder In Stream Of Fictional Texts [Video]

The final message was a reminder to practice safe sex: ‘Don’t get more than their number. Protect yourself.’ This was then followed by the Red Hot organization logo and a link to their website, revealing to the recipient that they were part of a clever campaign. You can check out the ‘Spreading the word, not the disease’ PSA below: