Bicycle Drive-In Cafe Lets Riders Drink On The Go

The city council has installed bicycle docking stations at the Rathaus Cafe so riders can pull up and have a coffee without getting off their bike.

Zurich’s city council has installed ‘Velokafi'; a drive-in for bicycles on the outdoor terrace of the Rathaus Cafe, which is a popular spot next to the Limmat river.

Two wooden docking stations with tabletops enable cyclists to pull up and have some food and a coffee without getting off their bike. A slot in the front for their front wheel to fit through keeps the bicycle steady and there are raised sides for resting their feet on.

A Drive-In Cafe For Bicycles In Zurich

Knstrct reports that the Velokafi is part of the city council’s Stadtverkehr 2025 program, which aims to accomodate the growing cycling community, improve the infrastructure, and reduce traffic flow.

For the launch earlier this month, cyclists who rode in and used the docking stations were treated to a complimentary cup of coffee from the cafe. The installation will remain on the terrace until April 13th.

Rathaus Cafe