Bike Installation Takes Over Abandoned Highway Overpass [Pics]

Hundreds of bicycles in different sizes and colors were set up in Auckland for Urbis Designday by paint company Resene and architecture firm Matter.

On an overpass and unused off ramp in Auckland, hundreds of bikes in various sizes and colors were set up as part of a large-scale art installation.

Created by paint company Resene and architecture firm Matter, the ambitious project was undertaken as part of Urbis Designday 2013. This annual event showcases New Zealand designers across a wide range of disciplines including fashion, architecture, and food.

Bike-Themed Art Installation On Motorway Off-Ramp [Pics]

The installation spanned the K’ Road overbridge and an unused motorway offramp visible from the bridge. The bikes, painted in different Resene shades, looked like they were racing away from the city as traffic passed by on the motorway to give it a kinetic feel.

This clever use of outdoor space raised questions about how unused areas, like the off ramp, could be put to better use. Click through to see pictures of the art installation: