Bike Storage Doubles As Co-Working Cafe

A new multi-functional building in Germany offers up more than just a safe place for your ride.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on April 16, 2013. @greenidealism

An innovative new space has emerged in Erfurt, Germany where cyclists can store their bikes for peace of mind and interact with other cyclists. Designed by Osterwold+Schmidt after winning a competition held by the local government, it’s the first of its kind to combine storage space with more practical uses.

Apart from the 260 cycle racks, 32 lockers and bike rental/service station, the structure includes workshops, office space and even a refreshment stand – a feature complemented nicely by a charcoal grill.

The building itself is translucent, made from polycarbonate panels wrapping around the entire building. With a nocturnal yellow glow, the building features silhouettes of cyclists to make it clear to anyone passing by that you can find bike-related services within.


Another reason for the choice of polycarbonate was its cost-effectiveness over glass, an important consideration when you think about upkeep and the potential for vandalism in a city center, especially so close to a public transportation hub. So while the building may take the brunt of the damage, cyclists can rest easy (or make use of the facilites within) knowing their bikes are safely tucked away.



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