Birth Certificate Redesigned For The Digital Age

This updated piece of paper paints a better picture of who a person is when they first enter the world.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on April 22, 2013. @greenidealism

A design studio based in East London has made some great strides to bring the birth certificate into the modern age and give it a more personalised feel than the standard-issue document most people are probably used to.

The company was commissioned by Icon Magazine to overhaul the drab design of birth certificates from an age gone by. What they came up with includes a semi-digital format that includes much more information about who you are as a person during your first moments.


Just a couple of interesting new bits of information they’ve added include your star sign, the language your name originated from, it’s meaning and even the current monarch in power (if you’re in the UK).


The hard copy version has been given a revamped presentation, which includes a heavy embossed white folder and even a wax seal to give it an official feel. The digital version also includes information not in the physical one, such as a map showing where you were born.


IWANT Design Studio

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