Bloomberg Building Design Depicts The Company’s Personal Brand [Pics]

Bloomberg Building Design Depicts The Company’s Personal Brand [Pics]

The financial news media company promotes a culture of transparency and openness through its innovative building architecture.

Leah Gonzalez

Bloomberg takes branding and culture building to a higher level through the creative and aesthetically pleasing design of its headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. The Bloomberg Tower, which houses over 5,500 employees from the different businesses under the financial news media company, sets itself apart through an all-glass window design and a horseshoe shaped structure.


Work areas are created in an open type design where co-workers sit shoulder-to-shoulder in an open trading floor type of environment. Even top management have desks in the open floor work area. This set-up is meant to promote communication, cooperation, teamwork, as well as access to colleagues. There are no private rooms in Bloomberg. Conference room walls are made of glass to support the company’s theme of transparency and openness.

Scroll through photos of the various areas in Bloomberg Tower below.