Brick House Encased In Glass Contains Floor To Ceiling Library [Pics]

Mexican architects Fernanda Canales and arquitectura 911sc converts an old house into a cultural center.

Mexican architects Fernanda Canales and arquitectura 911sc takes an old house in Coyoacán, Mexico City and turns it into a stunning library and community cultural center.

The architects created an extension made of concrete and glass in front of the house to frame the original facade and encase some of the trees inside. This concrete and glass block houses floor-to-ceiling shelves against the walls and stand-alone shelves in the main space.


The structure has a mezzanine of balconies and reading rooms. At the back is a three-storey concrete volume that houses store rooms, a multi-purpose room, and a basement parking area.

A series of courtyards and gardens at the back and in different areas within the building were also incorporated into the design of the cultural center.


View more photos of the project below.

Fernanda Canales // arquitectura 911sc

Images by Sandra Pereznieto via Dezeen