Brooklyn Neighborhood Re-Envisioned As Mario Brothers Map

Artist draws Bushwick as if it was part of the classic video game.

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez on April 8, 2013. @leahgonz

Another artist is working to merge old school with the new by turning the Bushwick neighborhood into a modern day Super Mario Brothers world. Brooklyn artist Ken Kocses (Art by Ken) has been mapping out streets and subway lines, including local establishments and parks. He has also drawn in modern day versions of characters from the video game like Princess Peach and, of course, Mario. The new map also has several PBR cans drawn into it.


The ongoing project was first reported by Animal New York and is estimated to be complete by Bushwick Open Studios 2013, an annual arts festival run by local organization Arts in Bushwick.


Art by Ken

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