Bulb Can Change To 1 Million Colors With A Swipe Of The Phone

BlueBulb is a LED lightbulb that can be controlled through bluetooth on iOS devices.

If you’re bored with your standard lightbulb, you can change things up with BlueBulb‘s Bluetooth Bulb, an LED lightbulb that you can control and color-customize through Bluetooth connectivity and an iOS app.

The lightbulb fits into any standard lamp socket. Once you have the free app downloaded into your iOS device, you can easily pair the Bluetooth bulb and start customizing the bulb. With the app, the lightbulb can be switched on and off, softened, and dimmed. You can change its colors using the bar for choosing up to a million different colors. You can also set the bulb to the automatic color-changing mode or wake-up and sleep mode.

The team behind the Bluetooth Bulb is currently working on a Bluetooth Bulb Gateway for those who want to use the bulb remotely in larger houses.