Robotic Dragonfly Helicopter Flies Like Actual Bug

Festo’s ‘BionicOpter’ is a remote-controlled flying object capable of executing the complex flight characteristics of the insect.

Festo has developed the ‘BionicOpter‘, a remote-controlled robot inspired by dragonfly flight. The 44cm long ultralight flying object is capable of executing the intricate movements of the insect with minimal effort from the operator. It marks a significant advancement in the world of electric automation.

Robotic Dragonfly Mimics The Aerial Abilities Of Its Progenitor

The robotic dragonfly, which features an ARM microcontroller, can fly in all directions, hover in mid-air, and glide without beating its wings. This is made possible by the lightweight construction and the integration of functions, with all of the components installed in a tight space and adapted to one another.

Gizmag reports that its four wings are made from polyester membrane covering a carbon fiber frame. They can be twisted up to 90 degrees from the horizontal and each one features an amplitude controller.

Robotic Dragonfly Mimics The Aerial Abilities Of Its Progenitor

The remote-controlled dragonfly enables the company to demonstrate wireless real-time communication, a continuous exchange of information, the ability to combine different sensor evaluations and identify complex events and critical states. You can check out the ‘BionicOpter’ in the video below: