Plug-In Herb Garden Grows The Plants Itself

This indoor garden requires little effort from the user, as it supplies the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients.

The Smart Herb Garden is an indoor system that enables anyone to grow fresh herbs in their home. The simple garden requires little effort from the user, as you just plug it in and add water.

It features a nanotech material engineered to supply plant roots with the perfect amount of oxygen, water and nutrients. There is also a natural-looking lighting solution that gives the plants enough light to grow while only needing 6 watts of energy. This means you don’t have to worry about whether the herbs have enough water, nutrients or light.

Smart Herb Garden's Nanomaterial Takes The Guesswork Out Of Gardening

Each Smart Herb Garden comes with cartridges for different herbs, with refills available for chili pepper, mini tomato, peppermint, spinach, salad rocket, and various kinds of lettuce.

Not only is the technology in the product extraordinary, but the overwhelming success of it’s funding on Kickstarter (it’s goal was $75,000 and it has raised almost $300,000 with 20 days to go) speaks to people’s enthusiasm and willingness to back truly innovative technology. You can pledge $39 to get your own ready-to-use garden with basil, thyme and lemon balm cartridges. Check out the campaign video below to learn more:

Smart Herb Garden