Warby-Parker Style Service Lets Users Try On Engagement Rings At Home

Online jewelry store Ocappi aims to disrupt the marketplace by sending prospective buyers a set of six replicas to choose from.

Inspired by the Warby Parker business model that allows consumers to try on pairs of glasses at home, jewelry site Ocappi aims to disrupt the luxury engagement ring marketplace by sending prospective buyers a set of six replicas to examine before making their big decision.

Dedication to service is the essence of Ocappi’s philosophy and has inspired us to revolutionize the shopping experience. Each one of our engagement rings is individually and meticulously crafted to a level of excellence that a symbol of such beauty rightly deserves. And because your ring is something you will cherish for a lifetime, we believe the same respect should be accorded to the process of selecting the right one for you.

Try On Engagement Rings In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The ‘One&Only Try-On Service’ gives customers the opportunity to consider their favorite styles over a number of days, allowing them to take their time and be sure that it’s the one they want.

To use the complimentary service, you simply add up to six replica rings (set with cubic zirconium stones) to your bag and check out as normal. The rings will then be shipped via UPS and you can spend up to five days with them before using the pre-paid return label to send them back.