Iconic Fashion Photography Recreated With Paper Clothes [Pics]

Photographer Iban Montero uses paper gowns and accessories to harken back to classic images.

Spain-based photographer Iban Montero has created a photography series called Limited Paper that pays homage to the famous fashion portraits by Richard Avedon from decades ago. The unique thing about the fashion portraits is that the dresses and accessories were all made of seamless paper. The paper gowns and headdresses were created by designer and stylist Ane Lopez and giving life to the creations was model Natalia Iturregui. According to Montero they had to be very careful because any type of movement could wrinkle and tear the paper.

Iban Montero-1 Iban Montero-3

View the images below to see photos from the series.

Iban Montero

Images via Iban Montero