Fingerprints Used As Student Currency

Fingerprints Used As Student Currency

PayTango uses biometric technology to allow customers to pay.

Yi Chen

We’ve previously mentioned the Square Card Case app, which essentially allows customers to pay with only their name. Now, a new technology called “PayTango” will enable consumers to pay with just their fingerprints.

The secure payment system was created by a team of developers and programmers from Carnegie Mellon University. Christian Reyes, Brian Groudan, Kelly Lau-Kee and Mang Patel came up with the PayTango prototype earlier this and has be trialling the pilot program at the university’s cafeteria.

The system is connected to a biometric sensor that scans the user’s index and middle fingers. The fingertips are linked to a credit or debit card, and funds are automatically deducted. The developers say that signing up for the system only takes 20 seconds, and that it’s a safer alternative than to carry cash or bank cards around. What do you think?