Heineken Creates Interactive Bottle That Responds To Drinkers [Video]

‘Ignite’ uses micro sensors and wireless networking technology to act in concert with other bottles and the surroundings.

Heineken introduced a ‘smart’ beer bottle that can interact with other bottles, its surroundings, and the people around it, at Milan Design Week. ‘Heineken Ignite‘ is a new innovation from the brand that demonstrates its commitment to “using pioneering technology and design to create inventive new ways to experience the product and the brand.”

Heineken Invents Interactive 'Smart Bottle'

The interactive bottle uses micro sensors and wireless networking technology to sense when people are clinking the bottles together to say “Cheers.” It can also react when a person takes a sip and actively respond to music.

With the help of eight bright LEDs, an 8-bit microprocessor and an accelerometer, these motions trigger certain effects that light up the whole bottle, and when it is left idle they fade away. The effects can also be remotely activated so each bottle becomes a light source controlled by specially developed software, allowing them to be synchronized to the music.

Heineken Invents Interactive 'Smart Bottle'

This novelty bottle aims to differentiate Heineken while enhancing the overall experience, and it fits in nicely with the club culture it’s trying to reach. You can check out ‘Heineken Ignite’ in the video below:

Heineken Ignite