Giant Intestine Installation Made Of Salvaged Wood [Pics]

Giant Intestine Installation Made Of Salvaged Wood [Pics]

Henrique Oliveira creates sculptures of body organs large enough for visitor's to walk through.

Yi Chen

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira creates captivating sculptures made from wood that mimic the texture and shape of human intestines. Some of the installations are so large, that visitors are able to walk inside the intestine sculpture and explore around.


Oliveira’s sculptures are constructed using various salvaged wood pieces. Each piece is meticulously put together around PVC forms to create curvaceous shapes thatĀ imitateĀ the body organ.


Large-scale sculptures including ‘The Origin of the Third World’ and ‘Ursulinens Prolapse’ are big enough for visitors to explore inside. Oliveira’s artworks are definitely intriguing and creative. Take a look at more of his sculptures in the gallery below:

Henrique Oliveira

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