Architect Builds McDonald’s Inside A Geometric Glass Sculpture [Pics]

Giorgi Khmaladze’s design of the fast food restaurant in a fuel station is an architectural masterpiece.

Right smack in the urban center of Betumi, Georgia is a McDonalds restaurant that looks nothing at all like the fast food company’s usual stores. Designed by architect Giorgi Khmaladze, the three-story restaurant is housed inside a monolith type structure with a glazed and faceted form. The roof and walls are glass and the bottom part is opaque and juts out over the fuel station the store sits next to.

There is an interior garden and a open air terrace on top. There are vegetated spaces and water structures around the building to add a more natural aesthetic appeal.

You can view more photos of the project on the architect’s official website and in the gallery below.

Giorgi Khmaladze