Miami Dolphins New Logo Looks To Rebrand Them As Tougher Football Team

The sports team hopes to shake off their losing streak with a new image.

The Miami Dolphins are coming out with a new logo in time for The National Football League Draft this month. Although the Dolphins are set to officially reveal the new logo on April 18th, the new design has already been making its rounds in the internet universe earlier. Miami Dolphins CEO Mike Dee confirmed last month that the image circulating the internet is the team’s new logo.


The new logo (pictured above) is not a big overhaul of the old one, but it veers away from the cutesy mascot design that has been the norm in sports design in the past. See the old logo pictured below.


According to the Dolphins, the new logo is part of the team’s re-branding strategy. Many have speculated that the new logo is the team’s way of refreshing the current image of the Dolphins and stepping away from its four consecutive losing seasons.

The team will be showing the rest of the new uniform design on the first day of the NFL draft.

Miami Dolphins