Photobomb Series Captures A Mashup Of Daily News And Everyday People [Pics]

An anonymous photographer has captured a series of pictures showing fellow commuters mixed with funny or famous faces.

An anonymous photographer has created a series of photobombs that they took on their way to work, which depict fellow commuters as mashups of the daily news and everyday life. To create these veritable masterpieces, the artist folded their newspaper under an image of a famous person or a funny face and held it up in front of unsuspecting people on the train or waiting at the station. This creates humourous mash-ups where the newspaper image appears joined to the person.

 Photobomb Mashups Of The Daily News And Everyday People [Pics]

The photographer has used images of animals, movie characters, sports stars, celebrities, and royal figures in the series, including Batman, Barack Obama, David Beckham, William Shakespeare, and the Queen.

ShortList Magazine reports that the anonymous photographer emails the pictures to colleagues in their office. Click through to see a selection of the newspaper photobombs:

Newspaper photobombs