Hidden Raspberry Pi Books Create Citywide Narrative Treasure Hunt

These Pages Fall Like Ash send participants to both the digital and physical world to read a story.

What happens when you go around one city to follow a story told through a physical book and a digital book? That is the narrative experience that the project These Pages Fall Like Ash intends to give its participants.

These Pages Fall Like Ash is the first of its kind. Created by Tom Abba of Pervasive Media Studio and artist collective Circumstance, the project takes participants around the city of Bristol while they follow a story told through a physical and a digital medium.

The story is about two cities that overlap, existing in the same time and space, and two people who no longer remember each other and try to hold on to their fading memories.

Participants of the project are each given a copy of a wooden notebook and are required to bring a smartphone or tablet as they follow the story around Bristol. The digital part of the story can be obtained by going to the places where fifteen Raspberry Pis have been hidden.


Some parts of the story are left blank for the participants to fill in or find as they go around the city with their wooden notebooks. Eventually, they become part of the narrative as they explore the story and the city.

These Pages Fall Like Ash started in April 20th and will run until May 8th. The project is one of eight that are part of the Books & Print Sandbox, funded by a grant from the REACT Hub. The Sandbox seeks to find new ways of mixing physical and digital storytelling.


These Pages Fall Like Ash