Winery Plants Vines On Its Roof

Winery Plants Vines On Its Roof

A sustainably-minded vineyard makes the most of its land around it by planting its crop on top of its own building.

Ross Brooks

Wineries are know for being green and blending seamlessly into their surroundings – but the Antinori Winery has taken this concept one step further – by turning their roof into a plot of cultivatable land.

They enlisted the help of Archea Associati to carry out the project, who planted several rows of vines right on the roof. The design features a series of cutouts that allow light to enter the heart of the winery. By doing so the building is able to maintain a consistent temperature – an important consideration which allows the barrels of wine within to mature properly.


Some features of the rooftop vineyard are also constructed using terracotta, a natural material that works well with the architecture and helps maintain the building’s climate without unnecessary intervention such as fans and other artificial means.

The project wasn’t cheap at a whopping €67,000,000 but serves as a testament to the vineyards ongoing legacy and dedication to producing the best quality wines, in the absolute best conditions possible.


Antinori Winery

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