Abandoned Turkish Bath Transformed Into Pop-Up LIbrary

Abandoned Turkish Bath Transformed Into Pop-Up LIbrary

A 16th century hammam became a temporary archive hall for the Center for Contemporary Art of Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Leah Gonzalez

As part of the Urban Dreams Festival  in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, design company Studio 8 1/2 converted a 16th century Turkish bath or ‘hammam’ into a contemporary art library. The festival, organized by the Art Today Association and Center for Contemporary Art, was held for a month and the ‘Turkish bath’ library, titled |CON|Temporary Library, featured the Center’s archives.


The temporary library was built over the abandoned place and complimented the shape and original design of the communal bath. The library was designed as a spiral wood structure that highlighted the existing 43-meter high cupola of the bath.  It also included book shelves, a computer for searching the Center’s archives, and a comfortable seating area with plush pillows. Bare light bulbs hung from wires gave the library a simple yet modern feel.

|CON|Temporary Library

Images via Vladislav Kostadinov / studio 8 ½