Carousel Dives Visitors’ Imagination Underwater [Video]

NYC ride replaces nostalgic-themed ponies and unicorns with a futuristic aquatic look.

WXY Architecture recently finished off an undersea-themed carousel in Lower Manhattan for the Battery Park Conservancy. SeaGlass, which opens this fall, replaces nostalgic-themed ponies and unicorns with a futuristic aquatic look that will make visitors feel like they are diving underwater.

Instead of a single level that moves in one direction, SeaGlass features three that spin inside a larger disc. The carousel’s thirty seats are translucent fiberglass molded into dolphins, turtles, clownfish, and other marine life.

Aquatic-Themed Carousel Mimics Diving Undersea [Video]

The sea life theme links the project with the original New York Aquarium. Underwater scenes will be projected on the nautilus-inspired structure, creating a new experience for visitors to the park.

Fiber optic and LED lights glow from within the fish, whose blue hue will transform into an array of colors during the ride. An audio component placed within will emit an oceanic soundtrack as it moves up and down, making the rider feel as though they are swimming through the sea.

SmartGlass panels transform the walls from transparent to cobalt blue, simulating a descent to the ocean floor. You can check out a video of the SeaGlass story below: