What US Landmarks Will Look Like If Sea Levels Rise [Pics]

What US Landmarks Will Look Like If Sea Levels Rise [Pics]

Artist Nickolay Lamm depicts how global warming may change our landscape.

Daniela Walker

Scientists keep telling us that sea levels are rising, but it is difficult to visualize what that really means. Artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm created realistic renderings of how some US tourist sites will look like five hundred years time, when the sea levels are predicted to rise about 25 feet.

Lamm graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2011 and has a website dedicated to “bring[ing] attention to things that are being overlooked.” He was inspired to create the images after seeing The New York Times piece, What Could Disappear, which displays a series of aerial maps of US cities permanently flooded by the higher water levels.

Lamm created his images with the aid of Climate Central‘s Remik Ziemlinski, using stock photos, Google Maps, topographical graphs and tidal information to visualize how these landmarks might look. He told the Huffington Post:

I’m worried that climate change is one of those issues which we start taking seriously only when it’s late. My illustrations are as accurate as the sea level rise maps that they are based on. Before these illustrations were made, I had no idea what sea level rise would look like in real life.

A visual rendering of global warming and its affect on cityscapes is an effective reminder that something must be done. We don’t want Washington D.C., Boston, New York or South Beach to be the next Atlantis.

Nickolay Lamm

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