Long Distant Lovers Connect With Mobile Controlled Vibrating Underwear

Condom manufacturer Durex has revealed prototype “Fundawear” that allows couples to engage in physical foreplay over the internet.

Condom manufacturer Durex has developed a prototype vibrating underwear collection called ‘Fundawear’ that allows couples to touch one another over the internet. Described as “the future of foreplay,” they feature a unique real-time server that communicates between the couple’s touchscreen devices and garments.

Smartphone-Controlled Vibrating Underwear By Durex [Video]

Each garment houses sophisticated touch actuator technology which is a first for wearable electronics. Revealed in a new campaign for Durex Australia, ‘Fundawear’ is fitted with small vibrating actuators to produce a touch-like sensation, controlled with corresponding buttons in a smartphone app.

Smartphone-Controlled Vibrating Underwear By Durex [Video]

Durex Australia’s Facebook site asks how you would use Fundawear with your partner, for the chance to win the ultimate Fundawear experience. The brand has also released a number of videos about the fashion and technology, which you can check out below:

Durex Australia