Cereal Brand Accepts Photographs As Money

Weetabix invites shoppers to trade pictures of its On The Go biscuits for new packs of the actual snack.

If you’re a UK shopper, a simple snapshot can get you a free breakfast snack. Cereal brand Weetabix has just launched its Pay-By-Picture shopping initiative in partnership with retailer Boots UK.

The payment scheme encourages shoppers to take a photo of the Weetabix On The Go biscuits using their smartphones and present the photo at any Boots store in exchange for a pack of the new breakfast treat.


According to Ben Cooper of Weetabix, the company is excited to pilot the program. The initiative is part of the company’s #TakeTheBiscuit campaign to launch the new breakfast product. Included in the campaign is a TV advert about the shopping initiative and the company hopes┬áthat people who use their smartphone while watching television will participate in the shopping scheme and eventually become long-term customers.


The Pay-By-Picture scheme is being implemented in over 700 Boots stores in the UK.