3D Printed Shoes Have A Built-In iPhone Case

Designer Alan Nguyen designs a new hands-free way of carrying around our gadgets.

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez on May 10, 2013. @leahgonz

The iPhone Mashup Shoe design by Alan Nguyen of Freedom of Creation, a Dutch 3D printing house, is a pair of 3D printed platform heels with a holster on the side to hold an iPhone.

The design was commissioned by FreshFiber, the 3D printed accessories site, and was presented at last year’s Milan Design Week.

As written on the designer’s website, the shoes allowed him to fuse art, fashion, and product design with 3D printing.

iPhone-Mashup-by-Alan-Nguyen-2 iPhone-Mashup-by-Alan-Nguyen-3

Alan Nguyen