Airline Creates Bespoke Novels Timed To Last As Long As The Flight [Pics]

A new in-flight service attempt to offer more luxurious experiences aboard Qantas Air.

The Australian airline Qantas aims to provide a unique experience by offering a selection of specially curated books, each of which is just long enough to last the duration of your flight.

Droga5 were responsible for the project and decided to enlist the services of publishing house, Hachette, in order to deliver the best results. Aimed at veteran travellers, the project is called “Stories For Every Journey.”


The efforts of the airline are also an attempt to develop a more sophisticated brand image, especially after partnering with the luxury airline Emirates. Apart from opening up a key travel hub via Dubai, the airline could also learn a thing or two from Emirates’ recent luxury offering, in the form of a Flying Hookah Lounge.