Grocery Store Launches Airport Pick-Up For Tired Travelers

Woolworths’ new service lets travelers order food items online then pick them up when they arrive at their destination.

Travelers at Melbourne Airport no longer need to worry about dropping by a grocery store on their way home from the airport. Supermarket company Woolworths has launched their new grocery pick-up service that allows travelers to order groceries online and then pick them up when they arrive at Melbourne Airport.


Passengers can buy groceries up to seven days in advance by ordering online or by using the Woolworths app.

This new pick-up service, the first in Australia, is an addition to the company’s already existing ‘click&collect service,’ which lets customers pick-up groceries they purchased online from any of their stores.


The airport pick-up service benefits not only the passengers that go through Melbourne Airport, but also the people who work at the airport precinct.


Images via Woolsworth and Terra Nova