Intricate Dome Brings Sunlight Into NYC Subway Tunnels [Pics]

Arup designs a series of mirrors that reflects light from the surface all the way into the New York subway.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on May 16, 2013. @greenidealism

Architectural firm Arup have gone into collaboration with Grimshaw to bring light back to the subways of New York – something they hope to achieve with a complex eight-storey dome.

Skylights that provide light to the subway aren’t necessarily a new idea, first being introduced when the New York subway was constructed. Over time however, these proved difficult to clean and maintain, leading to a switch from natural to artfiicial light that has become the accepted standard of today.


The eight-storey dome will serve as the entry and retail pavilion of the Fulton Station – topped with a glass oculus. The dome’s interior has a cable net formed from 1,000 anodised aluminium plates that will redirect light into the subway tunnels. Reaching a height of 7oft and maintaining an average diameter of 51ft, the net is also a form-found structure  meaning it can change shape depending on the forces applied to it.

Click through the images below to see more designs:


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