Intricate Dome Brings Sunlight Into NYC Subway Tunnels [Pics]

Intricate Dome Brings Sunlight Into NYC Subway Tunnels [Pics]

Arup designs a series of mirrors that reflects light from the surface all the way into the New York subway.

Ross Brooks

Architectural firm Arup have gone into collaboration with Grimshaw to bring light back to the subways of New York – something they hope to achieve with a complex eight-storey dome.

Skylights that provide light to the subway aren’t necessarily a new idea, first being introduced when the New York subway was constructed. Over time however, these proved difficult to clean and maintain, leading to a switch from natural to artfiicial light that has become the accepted standard of today.


The eight-storey dome will serve as the entry and retail pavilion of the Fulton Station – topped with a glass oculus. The dome’s interior has a cable net formed from 1,000 anodised aluminium plates that will redirect light into the subway tunnels. Reaching a height of 7oft and maintaining an average diameter of 51ft, the net is also a form-found structure  meaning it can change shape depending on the forces applied to it.

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