Wearable Backpack Is Also A Vest

A combination of fashion and function that is modelled after an astronaut life-support system.

MAI is a collection of wearable bags created by a pair of Italian art students – Alberto Sinigaglia and Teresa Piardi. The bag was created as a concept for a photo exhibition, but also as a way to combine function and beauty in a backpack.

The design itself is based on an astronaut’s backpack, also known as “The Primary Life Support System.” Much like an astronaut’s, the bag is designed to hold essential items that are only accessible to the wearer. All of this is done through a series of pockets that vary in size across the vest, providing storage space and keeping the vest trim to the body.


MAI is available in 8 different fabrics and cuts, all of which are handcrafted and made in Italy. The vest is also tear proof and water resistant for those who want to test how functional it really is.