Personal Data Visualizations Tell Drinkers Which Beers They Will Enjoy [Pics]

Beer Mapper is a statistical way to find out which flavors a user will like the best.

P.h.D. student, Kevin Jamieson of the University of Wisconsin has created the Beer Mapper, a more statistically driven way to find out which beers you really prefer drinking.


Using an iPad, the beer mapper presents a choice between two beers, pulled from a selection you have told the software you own, or can get access to. After selecting your preference for multiple pairs, the application can tell you what you prefer to drink across the different types of beer you have available. This preference can be mapped onto a two-dimensional chart, yellow indicating beers you like and red beers you don’t like.


The app is nearly complete but due to time constraints there are no plans for it to be released on the app store any time soon.

Beer Mapper