Brewery Lets Party-Goers Pay For The Subway With Empty Beer Cans [Video]

Instead of buying tickets, tipsy travelers could ride home by scanning empty Antarctica containers at the turnstile.

To encourage people to leave their cars and use public transportation after partying and drinking at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, official carnival sponsor Antarctica Beer, developed the Beer Turnstile.


At a subway station near the areas where street carnival groups gathered, Antarctica set up turnstiles that would accept empty beer cans instead of subway tickets. Optical reading recognizes the empty beer can and allows the party-goer to access the subway. The beer cans collected were donated to a recycling organization.


According to the video campaign, the Beer Turnstile received an average of a thousand people an hour and the number of drunk drivers caught went down by 43 percent.

Watch the ad for the Beer Turnstile below.