Wearable, Inflatable Bike Sails Create Moving Art Exhibit [Pics]

Created by Jessica Findley, the Aeolian Ride is an international art event with participants cycling in a billowing costume.

Created by the artist Jessica Findley, the Aeolian Ride is an international art event that centers around an inflatable bike ride. Participants can sign up to ride in one of 75 inflatable costumes and the goal is to spread contagious joy. What began in 2004 has now grown immensely, with 23 rides completed in 20 cities around the world so far. Findley writes on GOOD:

Let’s go for a joy ride. I’ll bring the inflatable costumes and you bring your bike, don’t forget your helmet! Together we can create a joy loop. As you ride, your costume fills with air, transforming you into a drop, bubble, bunny, or cat. You can’t see yourself, but the world can, and they smile with wonder. It reminds you of the glee of your very first bike ride and suddenly you’re free to play like a kid. Your morning commute, your downtown streets, your basic bike lane will never be the same after your Aeolian Ride. You smile back at the world.

Spread Joy With A Wind-Powered Inflatable Bike Ride [Pics]

Aeolian Ride transforms the public into an inflated sculpture on bicycles, changing the landscape of each city. The original costume designs (white bubble, bunny and drop) contrast the chaos of the surrounding street. In 2012, kids costumes made from colorful recycled parachutes were introduced.

The next event will be held in Rockaway New York on May 18th, as they participate in the 2nd Annual Rockaway Bike Parade to promote human powered transportation. Click through to see photos from past events:


Aeolian Ride